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Body Parts

With ailing health, Stella Jennings waits for a new heart. Fortunately, she is next on the ‘Waiting List,’ an organ transplant organization which is contolled by a large government agency. But things don’t always go as planned. Could somebody with great wealth and power buy their place ahead of her, causing her death? Stella’s daughter, Ellen, unable to accept corruption and unable to achieve retribution through the legal system, seeks her own revenge. Her sorrow and bitterness evolve into anger and hostility. Using her medical background and a grudging, vindictive heart to fuel the fire, she creates her own remedial yet profitable institution, an underground ritual that will allow her to retaliate against the society that disrespected her mother to death.

Assisted by a small group of underhanded partners, including two greedy and disreputable surgeons, ‘The Oasis’ is born, a modified farm house constructed far away from society and along the marshy swamp lands near the lower bayous of New Olreans.

Eight months later, fifteen kidnappings have occurred in the New Orleans area and there is no evidence to be found. Along with the help of the New Olreans police department and principal FBI agents Miller and Warner, detectives Adam Beckett and Nicole Garcia keep their noses to the grindstone and attempt to unearth the motive behind these abductions, only to see their efforts lead to more frustration.

Ultimately, an innocent, but crafty young lady named Abby Collins is kidnapped for her body parts and unborn child. Can her actions be the demise of ‘The Oasis’ and the redemption of the unfortunate victims before her, or will she become another victim of  'The Oasis' and the alligators that lie waiting for their next meal?

A Passage To Home

Billy Hobbs is a successful dentist and a devout family man living a good life in the suburbs of Denver Colorado. All is well until a semi-tractor trailer loses control on a patch of black ice, ending the beating hearts of Laura, Molly and Mandy Hobbs, Billy’s wife and two daughters. His heart is shattered. He is alone and practically inconsolable. His life begins to spin out of control.

During his darkest hours, he finds encouraging notes and mysterious bottles of blue nectar that contain remedial powers. He soon learns about an entity called ‘Fate’ which controls dominion beyond the comprehension of mankind. Billy is offered an incredible opportunity; one that would allow him to live a life he once cherished, but not one without sacrifices. He struggles with the plausibility of Fate’s existence and purpose, but understands that the rewards of such an offering could be tremendous.

For closure, Billy seeks an encounter with the semi driver, but is intercepted by a mugger who confronts Billy with a switchblade knife. Billy is left to die on the street in shadowy neighborhood. But as luck would have it, he is rescued by the Johnsons, a humble family who nourishes him back to health, both physically and spiritually.

Just when things are looking up, Billy learns that the mugger who attacked him with a knife dies from wounds suffered during the fight.

Billy undergoes vigilante and murder charges. He is arrested and endures courtroom drama. Although Billy’s assertions revolve around self-defense and the fact that he was actually unaware that the mugger’s wounds were severe enough to cause death, prosecuting attorneys provide a full court press during a heated legal battle.


Alas, Billy’s new friends, the Johnsons, begin their own detective work and contrive a plan to unearth the truth. The wheels of justice move forward and Billy is acquitted of all charges brought against him. His name is finally cleared which propel his objective to a reassuring path and to a new, yet familiar world as promised by ‘Fate’.


Keller's Den


Ages ago, in June of 1690, a peaceful European island colony (Kaventhe) thrives. The small island village in the Atlantic Seas has been governed by generations of autocracy. Savov Keller, a devout, respected, and passionate leader operates Kaventhe with the systematic rules established by his gritty forefathers who were determined to see the island function efficiently. Unbeknownst to Savov, an invasion of belligerent soldiers ruled by Thad Keller, Savov’s non-conforming son who could not accept the unusual beliefs and practices indoctrinated by Kaventhe’s forefathers, would  suddenly and viciously end the island’s settlement and propel a legion of angry kindred spirits.

Current Day

While Martin Keller paints in his den, his creativity flows from a cryptic source. His newly annexed talent transcends into results far beyond his own abilities. He searches his soul for a rational explanation, but rationalism seems out of reach. He loses consciousness while he paints and this phenomenon only darkens the waters of logic. Soon he realizes that his paintings, thoughts, and dreams take him away from his normal world and into an altered state which if full of deception and chaos.

Unaware of the events that guided the spirits of his European ancestry to his modern day mayhem, Martin begins to doubt his sanity, wondering if he has inherited the same gene which caused Joe Keller, his father, to brutally murder his mother twenty-six years ago.

Reluctantly, he visits his anguished father who, unable to convince authorities of his spiritual influences, has been institutionalized for over two decades for his wife’s murder. Martin resists the validity of a spiritual bloodline until his troubles intensify and his actions put those around him in danger.

Martin confides in his fiancée, Janet, about his premonitions and bizarre experiences. Unable to believe Martin’s assertions, Janet fights with her own convictions and her desire not to be separated from the man she loves.  Janet channels her efforts and convinces Martin to see Dr. Cameron, a psychiatrist who believes Martin is suffering from schizophrenia and night terrors, a dangerous form of sleepwalking.

Under the watchful eye of Mrs. Baxter, the mysterious old lady who lives next door, Martin’s problems continue. His den becomes more alive, his paintings become more mysterious and the declaration of his father becomes more credible. Martin is determined more than ever that his tribulations are spiritual, not psychological as Janet and Dr. Cameron maintain.

As Joe suggests, Martin turns to the church that he had once attended as a child. There, he meets Father Sherman, a Catholic Priest who at first finds Martin’s assertions too incredible, but ultimately vows to help free Martin from his torment. To confirm his belief in Martin, Father Sherman visits Joe Keller at Bellevue. Joe convinces Father Sherman that en evil bloodline is alive and well and breathes in the Keller family tree.

Unbeknownst to Martin, Mrs. Baxter prepares for battle within the confines of Martin’s den, a vortex which connects Martin to his ancestry. To her surprise, however, Mrs. Baxter underestimates the goodness within the Keller ancestry. Martin’s efforts to prevent kindred spirits from wreaking further terror are his final actions.

Black Widows

Dark Tales of Murdered Vengeful Wives
My Ghost

Ellie Manson fell head over heels for Marty, her former boss. They eventually marry, but Marty decides to walk the edge of faithfulness, causing Ellie to file for divorce and retains permanent rights to their house. Bitterness triggers retaliation. Marty and his new girlfriend plot Ellie’s demise, only to learn the hard way that some wives can be more dangerous dead, than alive.


Carla and George Hartman were married almost thirty years until late one rainy evening George finds Carla floating face down in the lake by their house. He explains to investigators that she must have slipped on the dock, hit her head, and fell into the lake. Something doesn’t quite set right with George’s youngest son and he wonders if his father has inherited the same genes as his schizophrenic grandfather. George commits appalling acts to comfort his frazzled mind. In death, Carla and her sister unite as one to seek revenge.


Amy and Erik Baker elope and move to California where they would temporarily stay with an old friend. Everything spirals downward and Amy wants to return to Nebraska, but Erik is caught up in his own world with his new friends who earn their living by selling drugs. Amy tries to leave, but she is left for dead in the Mojave Desert. With the spiritual aid of African Killer Bees, her soul rises and takes refuge within the lethal colony. Together, they form a legion and make their journey back to Erik to seek vindication.

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