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Body Parts

With ailing health, Stella Jennings waits for a new heart. Fortunately, she is next on the ‘Waiting List,’ an organ transplant organization which is contolled by a large government agency. But things don’t always go as planned. Could somebody with great wealth and power buy their place ahead of her, causing her death? Stella’s daughter, Ellen, unable to accept corruption and unable to achieve retribution through the legal system, seeks her own revenge. Her sorrow and bitterness evolve into anger and hostility. Using her medical background and a grudging, vindictive heart to fuel the fire, she creates her own remedial yet profitable institution, an underground ritual that will allow her to retaliate against the society that disrespected her mother to death.

Assisted by a small group of underhanded partners, including two greedy and disreputable surgeons, ‘The Oasis’ is born, a modified farm house constructed far away from society and along the marshy swamp lands near the lower bayous of New Olreans.

Eight months later, fifteen kidnappings have occurred in the New Orleans area and there is no evidence to be found. Along with the help of the New Olreans police department and principal FBI agents Miller and Warner, detectives Adam Beckett and Nicole Garcia keep their noses to the grindstone and attempt to unearth the motive behind these abductions, only to see their efforts lead to more frustration.

Ultimately, an innocent, but crafty young lady named Abby Collins is kidnapped for her body parts and unborn child. Can her actions be the demise of ‘The Oasis’ and the redemption of the unfortunate victims before her, or will she become another victim of  'The Oasis' and the alligators that lie waiting for their next meal?

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