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Keller's Den


Ages ago, in June of 1690, a peaceful European island colony (Kaventhe) thrives. The small island village in the Atlantic Seas has been governed by generations of autocracy. Savov Keller, a devout, respected, and passionate leader operates Kaventhe with the systematic rules established by his gritty forefathers who were determined to see the island function efficiently. Unbeknownst to Savov, an invasion of belligerent soldiers ruled by Thad Keller, Savov’s non-conforming son who could not accept the unusual beliefs and practices indoctrinated by Kaventhe’s forefathers, would  suddenly and viciously end the island’s settlement and propel a legion of angry kindred spirits.

Current Day

While Martin Keller paints in his den, his creativity flows from a cryptic source. His newly annexed talent transcends into results far beyond his own abilities. He searches his soul for a rational explanation, but rationalism seems out of reach. He loses consciousness while he paints and this phenomenon only darkens the waters of logic. Soon he realizes that his paintings, thoughts, and dreams take him away from his normal world and into an altered state which if full of deception and chaos.

Unaware of the events that guided the spirits of his European ancestry to his modern day mayhem, Martin begins to doubt his sanity, wondering if he has inherited the same gene which caused Joe Keller, his father, to brutally murder his mother twenty-six years ago.

Reluctantly, he visits his anguished father who, unable to convince authorities of his spiritual influences, has been institutionalized for over two decades for his wife’s murder. Martin resists the validity of a spiritual bloodline until his troubles intensify and his actions put those around him in danger.

Martin confides in his fiancée, Janet, about his premonitions and bizarre experiences. Unable to believe Martin’s assertions, Janet fights with her own convictions and her desire not to be separated from the man she loves.  Janet channels her efforts and convinces Martin to see Dr. Cameron, a psychiatrist who believes Martin is suffering from schizophrenia and night terrors, a dangerous form of sleepwalking.

Under the watchful eye of Mrs. Baxter, the mysterious old lady who lives next door, Martin’s problems continue. His den becomes more alive, his paintings become more mysterious and the declaration of his father becomes more credible. Martin is determined more than ever that his tribulations are spiritual, not psychological as Janet and Dr. Cameron maintain.

As Joe suggests, Martin turns to the church that he had once attended as a child. There, he meets Father Sherman, a Catholic Priest who at first finds Martin’s assertions too incredible, but ultimately vows to help free Martin from his torment. To confirm his belief in Martin, Father Sherman visits Joe Keller at Bellevue. Joe convinces Father Sherman that en evil bloodline is alive and well and breathes in the Keller family tree.

Unbeknownst to Martin, Mrs. Baxter prepares for battle within the confines of Martin’s den, a vortex which connects Martin to his ancestry. To her surprise, however, Mrs. Baxter underestimates the goodness within the Keller ancestry. Martin’s efforts to prevent kindred spirits from wreaking further terror are his final actions.

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