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Celebrity Entitlement

Did a famous horror author do the unthinkable, or are the Copyright laws that are entrenched into our judicial system riddled with flaws and bullet holes? In a recent legal decision, a Northern Georgia District Judge has dismissed a Copyright Infringement Lawsuit brought forth against the author Stephen King before the case was allowed to proceed to Discovery or Summary Judgment. Was this a correct and fair ruling, or was this decision prematurely and inappropriately influenced by the iconic status of the defendant? On this site you will be able to read a brief summation of the legal proceedings, as well as a list of the 286 similarities between the two books which initiated the lawsuit. Also, you will be able to read “Keller’s Den,” the novel that was published in 2002, and may have influenced the ingenuity of Stephen King during his creation of “Duma Key.” There is plenty of information on this site for you to make your own determination. Did the Judge get it right, or is this simply another case of “Celebrity Entitlement?” You be the judge!

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