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A Passage To Home

Billy Hobbs is a successful dentist and a devout family man living a good life in the suburbs of Denver Colorado. All is well until a semi-tractor trailer loses control on a patch of black ice, ending the beating hearts of Laura, Molly and Mandy Hobbs, Billy’s wife and two daughters. His heart is shattered. He is alone and practically inconsolable. His life begins to spin out of control.

During his darkest hours, he finds encouraging notes and mysterious bottles of blue nectar that contain remedial powers. He soon learns about an entity called ‘Fate’ which controls dominion beyond the comprehension of mankind. Billy is offered an incredible opportunity; one that would allow him to live a life he once cherished, but not one without sacrifices. He struggles with the plausibility of Fate’s existence and purpose, but understands that the rewards of such an offering could be tremendous.

For closure, Billy seeks an encounter with the semi driver, but is intercepted by a mugger who confronts Billy with a switchblade knife. Billy is left to die on the street in shadowy neighborhood. But as luck would have it, he is rescued by the Johnsons, a humble family who nourishes him back to health, both physically and spiritually.

Just when things are looking up, Billy learns that the mugger who attacked him with a knife dies from wounds suffered during the fight.

Billy undergoes vigilante and murder charges. He is arrested and endures courtroom drama. Although Billy’s assertions revolve around self-defense and the fact that he was actually unaware that the mugger’s wounds were severe enough to cause death, prosecuting attorneys provide a full court press during a heated legal battle.


Alas, Billy’s new friends, the Johnsons, begin their own detective work and contrive a plan to unearth the truth. The wheels of justice move forward and Billy is acquitted of all charges brought against him. His name is finally cleared which propel his objective to a reassuring path and to a new, yet familiar world as promised by ‘Fate’.

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